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12 On Shan - Novena City

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For Sale $950,000 - Condominium
fr 538 to 1,119 sqft 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom  Add to Favorites Print

12 on Shan

Many Singapore residents are looking for the comforts of suburban living mixed with urban sophistication. Such a combination is hard to achieve, but is done so with ease when the beautiful, sleek, and modern 12 on Shan condos began construction just a few years ago, and in just two months it will be ready for residents to move into and enjoy the high-quality facilities, with natural views and a wide range of amenities located just steps from the condo that only the Balestier/Novena area can provide. With the 12 on Shan launch, many have already started buying these top-notch condos, ready to partake in the extensive list of benefits, living in this area will provide them. From families to single residents, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this area which is why so many are jumping at the opportunity to become a part of the experience. Yet, it’s not too late for you to become a part of the 12 on Shan experience, there are still some vacancies that you can fill. So, let us explain in this 12 on Shan brochure, why it is such a great invest. And you can see just how our condos could blend perfectly with your lifestyle.

12 on Shan Floorplans

Depending on your family type, there is perfect 12 on Shan floor plan for you. This new freehold development offers 4 basic layouts that work superbly for single residents, couples, and families. Ranging from 1 to 3 bedroom condos a variety of different residents can live and enjoy the comforts of 12 on Shan.

Unit Types:

  • 1 bedroom and study: 538-581 sq ft
  • 2 bedroom: 678-840 sq ft
  • 3 bedroom: 872 sq ft
  • 3 bedroom Dual key: 1109-1119 sq ft

12 on Shan Compared to other Listings

The 12 on Shan prices are extremely favorable when compared to a similar development in the area. The newest development in the area opened in 2014, and this facility sales it’s condos at a starting price much steeper than that of 12 on Shan.

Similar Development psf

  • 1 bedroom: S$790,000
  • 2 bedrooms: S$920,000-S$1.470M
  • 3 bedrooms: S$2.160M-S$2.270M

12 on Shan psf

  • 1 bedroom: S$670,000-S$1.250M
  • 2 bedrooms: S$887,700-S$1.520M
  • 3 bedrooms: S$1.299M-S$2.700M

Despite being a few years older than 12 on Shan, other condos still have prices that exceed that of 12 on Shan. So, if you’re looking to buy in the area, the 12 on Shan price stands out above the competition.

12 on Shan Developer

The people behind the 12 on Shan project have a history of making real estate investments that are smart. 12 on Shan is being developed by Sino Holdings (S’pore) Pte Ltd.  They were incorporated in 1986 and operate as a subsidiary of TA Corporation Ltd.  Sino Holdings has over 30 years of experience developing real estate in Singapore.  They know and understand that the area is up and coming and they know exactly what families look for when purchasing a condo in the Novena/Balestier area, so there is no doubt that they took all this and more into consideration when they started development of the 12 on Shan project.

12 on Shan Location

12 on Shan location is in the perfect suburban area. The area isn’t as fast-paced as the city but offers a wide range of amenities that everyone can enjoy. Families looking for homes close to schools only need to look at this condo. There are four schools within 1 km of the condo, two are within walking distance, so parents can allow their children to walk to and from school without any worries. Plus, there is the bonus of having several supermarkets less than 1 km away, shops and restaurants close by for a convenient living. And that is just the beginning of all the amenities a strategically placed condo like 12 on Shan can afford you. With dozens of public transports minutes from the facility, picking up and heading to any part of the city would be no problem in this area. When you live at 12 on Shan everything you need for you and your family in located nearby, making it the perfect spot for enjoying urban luxuries while still meeting the basic needs of all residents.

Plans for The Area

The Balestier/Novena area has been up and coming for years. The local government has worked to try and preserve the historical beauty of the area will also working to bring in and integrate some of the modern amenities that people today have grown to love. Parks and recreational facilities are already underway the Zhongshan Park already being the first public park of its kind in the area. Better and smoother transports are being added, plus with plans to bring more jobs to the area by bringing in new commercial developments, 12 on Shan will be centrally located for all these coming attractions. Making now the perfect time to purchase real estate in the area.

12 on Shan is priced considerably well for this area. The facility offers condos that can work for individuals or families, it’s located close to shops, schools, transports and many other local amenities that offer the conveniences of an urban setting while still maintaining the history and natural beauty of the town. These condos are the embodiment of urban sophistication with its bold and modern design in a suburban area, perfectly unifying both ways of life for their residents.

The 12 on Shan developer had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve with this project and they did so beautifully. The 12 on Shan project seamlessly blends all the modern beauty of the building with the transitional charm of the area to provide a unique experience for buyers that will have the chance to enjoy the best of both worlds while enhancing their own standard of living by investing in this up and coming neighborhood. It’s for this reason that so many buyers have already made the investment. So, if you believe that a 12 on Shan Condo is for you, call us now to get the latest updated price list.

12 On Shan – Location Map

12 On Shan – Location Plan

12 On Shan – Siteplan

12 On Shan – Siteplan


Details of 12 On Shan

Project Name 12 On Shan
Developer TA Realty Pte Ltd
Address 12 Shan Road
District 12
Site Area 22,154 sq ft
Tenure Freehold
No Of Block A block of 15-16 Storey Residential Flat with sky terrace
Unit Types 1 Bedroom + Study : 538 – 581 sq ft
2 Bedroom : 678 – 840 sq ft
3 Bedroom : 872 sq ft
3 Bedroom Dual Key : 1109 – 1119 sq ft
Expected TOP 30th Sept 2019

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